Quick update on a limousine company I found


As you guys are aware this blog is dedicated to finding the best local businesses in Michigan. Let me tell you little bit about my last encounter with a limousine company based out of Sterling Heights. We were in need of a limo or party bus rental from Sterling Heights to one of Detroit’s bar, but the problem was we were pretty strapped for cash.

What we did next sort was sort of unorthodox especially at these financially troubling times but we decided to rent out a whole big party limo bus from a company in the area. What I didn’t expect was that it was going to be large enough to fit all 30 people!

I was under the impression that limousine were those tiny stretch cars that seats people sitting down and so I thought we would be taking multiple limos for the whole trip but I was wrong and shockingly so. This gigantic limo truck arrived and it was huge.

Probably one of the biggest limo I’ve seen perhaps one of the biggest vehicles I’ve ever seen in my life. The thing was massive it was the titanic of cars.

And we all got in comfortably, imagine that. Everyone of us had space to stand up and move around inside this massive beast.


So I knew I had to write about this excellent company because their service was quite simply fantastic. I wish I was wealthy enough to take out a limo every weekend to be honest. It gave me the drive to do more and succeed more to be honest. I wanted to propel to new heights and achieve my dreams after seeing this thing in action. I thought I dserve to ride something like this one day an dhave other people chauffeure me around. For this inspiration I can’t thank this company enough for their quality limo and quality chauffeuring service. It was just fantastic.

I don’t want to bore you with the details of what ensued for the night let me just say we were pretty tipsy by the end of it.

All in all it was a great experience and I wish to go on a limo adventure soon enough. First I have to get my money right and get my finances to blossom in 2015. I am going to focus so hard and kill my job so that I can make enormous cash that will pay me for months to come. This is what I would love to do for now and ever. You will never know what happens to the economy so I figure you have to prepare with 10x attitude and mind set.

I want to be successful so that I can serve others. And I want other local business to succeed as well. So I will continue blogging about great local companies and make this bucketlive list going strong.

Hopefully you enjoy the blog and there will be more reviews coming soon.

Great luck with clean carpets and glad to find a great towing company

 fourth of july

The american way is to support your local businesses. I am so happy to annouce that my carpet has been holding up great since the last cleaning job

which makes me feel very pleased… I never knew professional carpet cleaning would be so effective. I just thought it was a glorious way of vacuuming and didn’t know it was such a big deal to get your carpets cleaned every once in a while professionally. Now I know the difference that it makes so I’m excited to continue with the program on going basis, the cool thing is that now that I know a great carpet cleaner in my area I can always count on a great job.

This is why I am such a big fan of supporting your local business and doing business with them instead of the big corporations out there dealing in local fronts. There is many around for whether its carpet cleaning, towing, pest removal, limousines, you name it.

But What I have found is that bigger is not always better, sometimes the smaller companies will do much better job because they care more. Its as simple as that. And you get to build long term relationship with them and they will give you deals which is fantastic.

Also you foster a great community by keeping the money inside the community. Now what could be better than that?

There is always somebody in the community that needs what you have to offer. You are going to love local businesses because they are very personal.

So we are going to review some other points about local businesses.

There is only 1 thing to worry about though that is you may build a long term relationship and continue to use their lovely service!

By the way in Sterling Heights there is still lots of love in the air, in local business there is only 1 thing to remember, call some peeps up and get to know your local businesses and talk to them, ask them questions.

Most are willing to help you with great services.

Talk to you soon

The best carpet cleaners of Sterling Heights

The other day I was getting ready for a home welcoming party in Sterling Heights, MI and I was getting ready to invite all of my past high school friends and associates from the past 15 years. It was going to be an informal party with everyone bringing over food and drinks, and one of the things I also wanted was the ability to be able to impress everyone upon entry into our new home.


So we decided to get some professional carpet cleaning service in Sterling Heights, one of the first thing I noticed about the house was that the carpets were a bit dirty and we did try to vacuum many times over but no matter how much we did, not all the stains would come out. It was at this point that we began looking for some professional help. And indeed we needed some professional help for our home.

First the crew came out with their van and the carpet was getting cleaned by what looked like  a vacuum but it wasn’t some sort of high powered machine that getting deep into the stains and removing them remarkably well. It was shocking to witness the transformation take place in before and after lines as the cleaner made lines with clean area of carpet sort of like cutting grass in the front yard.

It was just so fun and refreshing to witness all of this take place Wow, what a difference and the crew was very friendly too and they seem like they care about their work you can tell in their demeanor that it was just any other company but a great one with integrity and skills.

I was just blown away at the difference these guys were making in the carpet. and even did some of the tiles in my house free of charge! what a fantastic group of guys. They heard that I was out of town and gave me that bonus. It is great to know that there are still very great reputable companies in the area with amazing due dilligence and hard work. Some day I do aspire to be one of those people and own my own local business helping out the community.

And why we should really take this whole thing to the next level and soar with it. I will forever be grateful to be able to quite my corporate job and make money doing what I love which is local business.

That’s it for now, talk to you soon.

To visit their website: http://www.sterlingheightscarpetcleaner.org/

highly recommended carpet cleaning service.

A great towing company in Sterling Height, MI


Hello everyone bucketlive here where we review some of the great local businesses in your neighborhood. We are Michigan born and raised and we love to solve your daily troubles by referring you some of the best companies in Michigan.

The first company we will be reviewing is a tow truck company located in Sterling Heights, MI.

We cannot say enough good things about this company, they are fantastic, probably leagues above most other towing companies out there. They are fast and dependable but most of all their owners are very friendly and care for their customers. These guys literally save people from awful situations especially during Michigan weathers, its a tough job and they can dispatch a service for you 24/7 and get you out of harms way.

We always give bad reps about tow truck companies but we forget that all of the good things they do for people, and the amount of time they spend dealing with a lot of BS from people because most people that get towed unwanted do so out of their own fault but the two truck company will take the blame for it. It is unfortunate thing.

This company however I feel like is making a turn around for the bad image of towing companies, because they approach you with such honesty and integrity. Their rates are very reasonable and it feels good knowing that there is a company out there that I can fully trust.

You see michigan roads are tough in the winder, many awful things can happen, the weather could get so cold that your car doesn’t start or you hit a giant pot hole and pop your tire and not to mention that Sterling Heights can get really crowded during rush hour and your car will get stuck out there.

So we want you to have the best company ready to save you if you get in trouble.


Let me tell you a quick story, I was driving down Van Dyke and Going through Sterling Heights to Warren and I was stopped at a red light and was sitting there all of the sudden my engine shut off for no apparent reason, I was just sitting there waiting with no clue what the heck to do and I have all these cars honking their horns at me, so I get out of the car I had a kind man stop and help me push the car out of the street and I went on Google to search for Sterling Heights Towing Company and found this company right away on the phone. and call them and the owner was very friendly and he got to my car in less than 10 min which was simply life saver in the freezing cold out there. And they even took me to the nearest car repair shop where they included for me a very affordable repair that was so helpful granted I was bit broke back then.

So ever since then I have been referring this company and telling people how awesome they are, and they will def give you a great rate.

So I recommend this company to friends and family now and you will be glad to have used them.

Make sure to visit there site: http://www.sterlingheightstowing.com/